Who is cece from shake it up dating

Cecelia cece jones is one of the main characters on shake it up where she dances on the local teen dance show, shake it up, chicago she is the daughter of georgia jones and jj jones and the older sister of flynn jones. Cece would do anything to win the new contest on shake it up, including kissing gunther deuce tries to get his head around rocky's new relationship. Chilling the sweat on my back and is up shake be carried into or what sexual orientation they should not get romantically enclave, especially on the east side is shake of who from shake it is route. Quizzes television shake it up are you like rocky or cece from shake it up are you like rocky or cece from shake it up to try out for shake it up b. While they are in japan, rocky speaks out against mr watsonabi and gets both cece and herself kicked off the shake it up project and shake it up, chicago rocky and cece dance their way back onto the dance video game and shake it up, chicago when they perform for mr watsonabi's mother.

Not yet but in the future episode love&war it up rocky tries to make cece and logan get alone so she can date logan. Logan james hunter, portrayed by leo howard, has appeared in multiple season 3 episodes of shake it up logan is the son of jeremy hunter and was going to be cece jones and flynn jones' future stepbrother and georgia jones' future stepson, until in i do it up, georgia and jeremy don't get. Rocky and cece relationship rocky is cece's best friend she dances on the local teen dance show shake it up, chicago cece is the bff of rocky who is always there for her.

Zendaya opens up about shake it up, co-star bella thorne zendaya: i auditioned for cece not rocky zendaya opens up about shake it up. You are reading shake it up love story (rogan) humor when rocky and logan start dating it doesn't take long, for the others to find out while their relationship is going somewhat well, logan's best friend comes to chicago, will their relationship stay as it is or will it go worse.

Thorne starred as co-star on the disney channel sitcom shake it up, originally titled dance, dance chicago thorne played cece jones, a dancer with heavy ambitions for a career in the spotlight despite having dyslexia the show is a buddy comedy centered on a teen dance show (in a show-within-a-show format) co-starring thorne and zendaya. Zendaya coleman boyfriends 2018: who is zendaya dating right now adele poudrier | jul 29, 2016 12:15 pm | feb 26, 2018 5:59 am from her role on shake it up. Fanpop community fan club for shake it up fans to because do i love them ps did u hear zendaya is dating leo i think she is on rocky and cece well i have.

The adventures of two best friends cece jones and rocky blue who, with the help of rocky's brother ty and his best friend deuce martinez, fulfill their dreams of becoming professional dancers when they become dancing stars on their favorite show shake it up. Cecelia taylor cece jones, portrayed by bella thorne, is an impulsive and street-smart girl in the disney channel live-action sitcom shake it up she is one of the main protagonist and minor antagonist on the show.

Cecelia cece jones [1] ''''''''is one of the main characters on shake it up she dances on the local teen dance show, shake it up, chicago her parents are georgia & jj jones cece is the older sister of, flynn jones.

Cece mcstuffins isn't a real cece was named after the character from disney channel named shake it up cece was born 3 weeks more doc mcstuffins wiki 1. Cecelia cece jones is one of the two main characters in the tv series, shake it up she is very unpredictable, daring, funky, and fun she enjoys her time dancing in dance competitions, competing against others and having slumber parties. It looks like (cece) is dating (guter) from shake it up they say their just really good friends but i don't think so they look really close. Actually, there is nothing proving that she is or was dating.

Read the date and fall from the story shake it up:romance it up by uswntfan99 (the writer that is never on) with 6,162 reads shakeitup, rocky, gunther cece p. Best friends cece and rocky find out that auditions for background dancers on their favorite show, shake it up chicago are being held and. Check out this brand-new promo pic for shake it up the series follows two high-spirited characters, best friends cece jones.

Who is cece from shake it up dating
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